421 Pro Indigo Blue

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I think you like the unique handmade hemp shoes. Would you like to take a look at this article before purchasing? I would like to mention some of its features, thinking that you have decided to take a look. The fact that Indigo Blue is an intermediate season color and also the natural source of the blue color of the indigo plant may have drawn your attention. Put on 421 Pro Indigo Blue, and you’ll be wrapped in cannabis that grows naturally from the soil. Your feet are where they should now! Cool and away from moisture. This will make you and your feet feel safe. Your shoes will not only be shaped according to your foot, it will also help prevent the formation of fungus in your foot and other skin diseases.
With its ’indigo blue’ color, the natural brightness of hemp will show itself in perfect harmony.
While many natural fibers are said to offer less UV protection in their raw form, we all know that hemp fabric offers protection from very high UV rays. With “HempKey 421 Pro Indigo Blue”, you are sure that your feet are safe now …


For a pleasant🤗, clean💧and healthy💉 world, you are now not a customer but a person with new habits. You can change anything with the HempKey store!



You can also use these shoes as an unusual surprise gift for your friends, family and loved ones.

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Notable features;

100% hemp lining inside.
The outer fabric is 100% hemp fiber.
Hand-knitted hemp laces.
It absorbs moisture and prevents sweating.
It allows your feet to breathe.
Nano waterproof.
Extra natural rubber durable sole.
Suitable for people with skin allergies and asthma.
Does not contain azo.
Environmentally friendly.

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40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45


Deep Black


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