HempKey, which was founded by Tolga KAŞKA in 2019 and started its journey; TURKEY obtained by the use of hemp plant material the first and only shoes, bags, a brand of producing various products such as wallets.




As a company, we are proud of being a beneficial pioneer in the field of being an example and incentive for the usability of cannabis plants in the textile industry by taking a step in this way that we dream of using the natural resources of our country in a beneficial way and making the world more livable.




We did not set out with the aim of addressing a single customer base! Our aim is to show all humanity that the materials produced with cannabis plants are healthy and environmentally friendly, and to create awareness in this field. We offer products that every individual who is aware of this will not hesitate to choose.




As HempKey family, we work diligently to develop, produce and present to you, our valued customers, products with original work that are out of the ordinary and molds, without sacrificing quality in the materials used in our products. Our R & D team continues to work diligently in this direction and strives to move our business forward with every step.




‘We love the phrase “thinking out of the box”. Our company, which wants to create extraordinary and innovative works and to bring this working principle to humanity 160 pair of shoes made from hemp produced in limited Turkey’s first 4:21 model with the products customers have opted for a personalized card boxes and has conveyed this message.



Then why are you stopping? Come on, think out of the box!


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